Shit’s gotten real.

So, first and foremost I would like to apologise for not writing for what may seem like ages. Not like anyone notices though. Anyways, before I can become all emotional, let me enlighten you on what may seem to have been a nightmare. First, there is this train wreck of a lecturer which scares most of us. My lips are sealed, not mentioning names. Seriously, how are does one teach in the Communication faculty without possessing basic communicative skills, such as MANNERS. It is not cool to sit in the lobby which can be crowded in under 0-50 seconds, and she chooses to unleash her wrath right there. Not when its empty and offers pin drop silence, yet she chooses a time where everyone is alert, waiting around, bored and naturally staring at you’re direction. 

Secondly, having to juggle between classes, part time work, research and managing a household. I have to admit it is not easy, well nobody said it was going to. I simply assumed it was as easy as I first thought it would be. On top of that, I have serious business expansion plans that is not only going to cost me a bomb, I have to find new ways to compete with the current business demands. 

All that however was just the icing of the cake. The biggest bummer coming my way is looking for the right job to secure from 9am-5pm. I have to make big choices, ones that will affect me financially, mentally and physically. I need to make sure I’ on the right track, I’m trying my best to hold it all together. I barely have time to mingle, have a social life and maintain a perfectly healthy track record. I have been trying to slot in writing exercises as well as classes to get that book/novel in the making. I’m drawing up extra tuition classes to ensure I keep myself in check and earn a few extra bucks. ALSO, it would spice my resume up a couple of notches. 

I have several plans that I plan on executing in 2017. So far, it’s looking good. Things are falling in place and I couldn’t be happier. I just can’t wait to be done with my final semester. To be honest, I wanted to enjoy my last semester but it looks like I’m going to spending it in fear until I clear out this Dissertation nonsense. I’m working my ass off, and I still don’t think its a good ideaI have been postponing my success for sometime now, I don’t know which I should focus on entirely. 

In addition to that, my bestie suggested we start a whole new business venture together. I’m just really trying to figure out if I will have the time and energy to take on a whole new commitment, a whole new financial risk? Was I ready? Was I assuming I was ready? I had no clue. 

In the mean time, I’ll just keep those head phones plugged in while I sort my life step by step. Regardless, it’s all good. 

Signing Out, 




24 at age, 32 at mind.

I’m often regarded as anti-social because I opt to skip out on many gatherings or random outings organised or planned by my fellow peers. I would like to say.. If i took money from parents as easily and as much as every one of them did, it would be really easy to meet up and chill anytime, any day.  

I personally decided on becoming financial independent. So that means, I fund my mobile bill, insurance payments, rent, car, house hold commitments, pets and social life. I do not call my family up and say ‘hey my allowance is running low, could I get more money’. I literally have to save my money and make tough decisions on a daily basis just because I decided to stop being pampered and stand on my own two feet.

Yet, individuals who claim to be mature enough to understand such situations react entirely differently from what they verbally portray. Walking in my shoes is not impossible but not many 24 yo in this era are/is carrying such weight on their shoulders. They are either still under the financial control of their parents or funded in other manors.

Very few people actually understand the struggle and often make fun or sarcastic remarks behind my back. Just ask yourself this.. Do you need to consult your parents when making a big decision? Do you still have to depend on them in order to live your daily life? Are they funding your expenses? If YES, then please cut the hate talk. I’m not indicating I’m better, I’m just saying I’m more mature and have accepted major responsibility  which is becoming FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT.

Many of them fail to realise how hard it actually is to run work part-time, run 2 businesses, a house hold, pets, a degree as well a relationship. What exactly are your priorities? Scoring excellent results for your parents so they don’t get on your back for it, a decrease in allowance maybe? Well, mine are ‘ Did I save enough for next month’s rent, phone bills, pets expenditure, expenses as well as saving? Am I sure I’ll have enough by the end of the year for a vacation? I hope I’m doing enough studying and research, I can’t afford to fail anything cause I’ll have to pay for the re-sit. SO DO YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE IN WORRIES?

With maturity comes responsibility. I suggest before opening that mouth to hate talk, and spread more negativity, try doing all of the above by yourself with no help for the next 3 years, and see how well that goes for you. I became financially independent at the age of 21, so I wish all the hate talkers much luck. Put YOUR OWN MONEY where your big fat mouth is. Talking is easy, actually working your way there is really hard. Like I said, not impossible but it’s more of hard to achieve. 

As women, we should stand for one another, spread love and at least try to keep our guts shut if we don’t have anything nice to say. Stop spreading hate when you can spread love.

Signing off,


” I earn more than my wife, I’m highly educated compared to her, so I call the shots at home ” SEXISM at it’s best.

Greetings guys.

As you can see, I’ve been quite busy an have not found the perfect time to dedicate to writing another post. I’ve finally found the time. So, this post is basically me wanting to rant about what took place over the weekend during a Saturday class I attended at Uni. So, this subject is called International Public Relations, I shall refrain from disclosing the name of my lecturer. I shall just regard him as Mr X. Mr X was conducting the class pretty well UNTIL he brought out the topic questioning females credibility in leading a country, or in other words, women having the ultimate decision making power.

Below are the topics that were raised in the dispute us students had against Mr X. Mr X claimed that he is taught that Men are the only suitable leaders of a family, organisation , country, etc. Mr X also mentioned that he personally feels that women aren’t as capable as men when it comes to making a decision. Mr X also mentioned that he feels that women aren’t capable of carrying heavy weights on their shoulder.

Sexist statements like these get to me. I personally feel that women are being challenged in many various ways when such men with similar mindsets exist in this day and age. Mr X spoke highly of himself when asked about his educational journey as well as academic background, Mr X held himself as a Public Relation expert as he has been in the industry for the past 17 years. Despite being as educated and open minded, Mr X still fails to show appreciation of the fellow female counter parts roles. Mr X also strongly feels that only a male should lead and set examples while the females stand idle and follow.

I would like to apologise in advance if at all I offend feelings in the later parts of this blog update. I am not a feminist, I strongly believe in Equality. Equality is very important in this day and age, especially when individuals are growing from various aspects every second. I stood my ground and challenged Mr X’s statements while other female students started voicing out their opinions as well. Clearly, I wasn’t the only one offended or took great disrespect to the above mentioned statements.

As I started to challenge Mr X’s statements, he continuously tried to avoid my questions. I specifically addressed his statement by saying ” Mr X, how is it that when you are ready to make a baby, you need your wife, but as soon as all the hard work is over, suddenly you have full authority leaving behind the person who bared the most pain and sacrifices in the relationship? How come your wife’s opinions do not matter? How is it that only one parent makes the decisions and calls the shots, when it required both parents at the initial stages. How does salary, education and credibility play a role in deciding who gets to call the shot. I strongly believe that marriage and parent hood are a joint venture. It takes both hands to clap to produce sound, likewise it takes both parents to work on the best solution available for THEIR children.

I strongly believe that both parents should be concerned and involved when making a decision that involves the children. After all, both parents have the rights. If superiority is what matters, you are better off marrying your job since it only requires your sole contribution and not someone else helping or contributing.  Why be in a relationship, a commitment, when you can’t find yourself giving another person a shot at deciding. How is it that when it comes to nurturing , preparing the kids school needs, clothes, food etc requires the wife’s attention but somehow when it comes to making a decision, she isn’t needed? Does that even make sense? NO!

If men think they are able to do it all, then why don’t you try managing all the females roles at home as well as your current roles. Hard to imagine that huh? Exactly my point. That is the whole reason theres a word called TOGETHER. Parenthood requires both parents to be able to decide, provide and nurture their children together as a team. So I kept challenging Mr X by saying ” WHAT IF YOUR WIFE MADE MORE MONEY, WHAT IF SHE WAS WAY FURTHER EDUCATED AND CAPABLE THAN YOU ARE, would that change things? Will she be the sole decision maker at home? Will you be as lenient as she was by standing idle while she calls the shots? Will it be ok if she makes a decision without even asking how you feel or what do you think about it? What if she treated your opinions like they didn’t matter one bit? Would that be ok? I THINK NOT! That would have bruised the male’s ego so bad, It would have prolly hurt.

If Mr X was so against his wife making decisions, he shouldn’t be talking about equality and that he believes in it. It really contradicts. The bottom line is, I personally can’t handle sexist comments questioning the roles women play in societies, in the world. I for one could not imagine a world without women. People like Mr X have to change their closed mindsets and look at the bigger picture which is Gender Equality. Especially coming from a educational and academic background, we can’t afford to have educators who bring negativity like this.

Equality is key.

Signing Off,


Short Vacations are good for the brain.

Howdy Folks,

First of all, I would like to show some love and appreciation towards those who put in all that extra effort at work, those who slog, those who work extremely hard. You guys are super humans. I recently completed my Internship, and let me tell you what a relief that was.- PHEWWWWWW! Working life got me so messed up. Getting used to the morning traffic which stretches for miles, the stressful atmosphere that runs through everyone on the roads, the frustration to reach work on time, get a proper parking, all that stress being built up in every one of us as we all fight our way to work.

Having to wake up for work every morning also means having to face more incomplete work tasks, more nagging from superiors, more responsibilities, more deadlines and of course not to forget- more pressure. Hence, i salute everyone of you. Filled with determination and persistence. I had to go for a short getaway as soon as I was done with my Internship period. I literally felt so stressed with the work load put on me, the pressure I was under. Working stresses you solely cause you perform and perform and sometimes your boss barely recognise your efforts.

My personal advice to those who go hard when it comes to their career, a break every now and then will not hurt. In fact, it helps you relax, rewind and time to refocus. Breaks are not only a way of resting physically, but sure enough mentally. An individual should know when to stop pressuring him/herself as it can lead to various health complications.

As much as we want to perform, prosper in terms of career, we should also be able to take time to invest in ourselves. After all, only a healthy mind and body can help you progress towards the future. Focusing on your body as well as well-being is equally as important as excelling in life.

We decided to take a drive down to Melaka town for two days and one night. Melaka is situated after Seremban and before Johor. Melaka is known as the Historical state here in Malaysia. Melaka is home to some of the oldest heritage sites in Malaysia. Besides heritage, Melaka is also famously known for Chicken Rice Balls, Satay Celup and Coconut Shakes. These are among the famous food options that Melaka has to offer.

If Melaka happens to be on your visit list, Jonker Walk is the place to go. Jonker Walk is home to the cheapest souvenirs, yummiest street food as well shopping haven. There are many other attractions in Melaka such as Dataran Melaka Raya, Pantai Klebang, A’FAMOSA Resort, etc.

Melaka is definitely convenient  destination for a short vacation. You will not have to think about activities, entertainments as well as food. Melaka serves a bit of each to her visitors.

Signing Out,


Job Seeking with the current economy

Greetings Hoomans,

This time around, I would like to address the current decrease in job opportunities in Malaysia.

As an young adult whose about to step foot into the working industry, I have to say I am beyond disappointed with the decrease in jobs that we are left to face. I recently tried applying for full-time jobs, most of them replied with either no vacancy or the company is deciding to retrench staff,hence they aren’t hiring anytime soon. This post is a mere reason to simply unleash my frustration with the current economic conditions us Malaysians are currently facing in our beloved country. Job security has decreased tremendously as the economic graphs take a drastic plunge. Finding the ideal job is almost impossible as there are too many unemployed graduates and there are very little job openings. Job vacancies in various fields are being taken up by graduates from different majors just because they are finding it hard to find a job related to their course of study.

Job providers these days are either expecting too much out of their employees or offer to pay very little wages. The era keeps changing as people are developing further and evolving. Besides that, individuals have begun to adapt to the constant change in technology and developments. Graduates such as myself are finding it harder to secure full-time jobs as most employers require their new recruits to already have experience. So my question is, HOW DO WE GET EXPERIENCE, IF NOBODY WANTS TO EMPLOY US TO BEGIN WITH? This isn’t rocket science, this is the basics. Why are we still so blind?

How do we apply for jobs when we are turned down directly by the words ” EXPERIENCE NEEDED “. How do we secure a permanent position to expand our knowledge? What platform is there for us to utilise and demonstrate our skills? Having said that, some jobs advertised state ” PAPER QUALIFICATION + EXPERIENCE ONLY “. Here’s another question I’d like to ask, how do you ( employers) expect us to get a degree and work experience at the same time in the field of our major when we have yet to complete the entire program? Upon graduating, the closest work place experience we would have gotten would most probably be our internship periods or part time jobs.

I seriously hope changes are made by the governmental bodies that have a say in the economy of the country, Safe guarding the future of your citizens should be the main priority as there are numerous graduates who are still looking to secure a well paying full time job. This is solely my opinion, and mine alone, IF THE JOB OPENINGS in the country were to improve, I have a feeling the robbery and snatch theft polls would see a decrease in terms of number of cases. Individuals are having a hard time securing a job, hence turning to the bad choices of life.

I sincerely hope Malaysia makes a change when it comes to securing and safe guarding jobs for their future generation, as this can turn out to be a very big issue in terms of economy of the country.

Signing Out,


Thaipusam in Malaysia



So I’m back from the recent holiday we just got for Thaipusam which took place on the 9th of February which is a Thursday. For those in doubt or whom may have any uncertainty, let me clarify that for you. Thaipusam happens to be one out of the many auspicious celebrations Hindu’s have in a year. Thaipusam however, is among the top famous few. Thaipusam revolves around the Lord Murugan. If one were to wander about in Batu Caves, Selangor, one might find a particularly tall and big statue covered in gold, standing in front of the temple built in the caves, happens to be Lord Murugan. Below is a picture of the statue, if you focus on the picture, you can see a staircase filled with devotees climbing up and down, paying their respects and prayers to the Murugan Temple situated at the top of the staircase.



That is a picture taken last year, that was the crowd entering and exiting the premises on that auspicious day.

Besides that, Thaipusam is also known for attracting devotees from all around Malaysia. Batu Caves happens to be one of the many venues that Thaipusam rituals, prayers are carried out in. There are several other places that have been known to get crowded in conjunction with Thaipusam are Penang, Ipoh and Johor.

Thaipusam is also celebrated  by the Hindu community because  the full moon in the month of Thai which happens to usually fall in January or February each year. Thaipusam  is mainly observed in countries where there is a significant presence of Tamil community such as India, Mauritius, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Guyana, Jamaica and etc.


Kavadi Attam may sound hard to pronounce so keep tryingggg… Maybe this would help. KA-VA-DI  AT-TAM

You’re welcome. 🙂

As I was typing, Kavadi Attam is also known as the Burden Dance. The Kavadi Attam serves as a ceremonial sacrifice performed by the devotees to Lord Murugan, known as the God of War. The Kavadi itself is a heavy item which is carried  by the devotee which chooses to pay his/her debt bondage. Devotees start preparing for the celebration by having prayers to cleanse themselves through prayers and strictly observing fasting for approximately 2 days before Thaipusam. There are several ways that a devotee can offer sacrificial acts to Lord Muruga.  The simplest of it being carrying  a pot of milk, however there are sacrificial acts such as piercing the skin, tongue or cheeks with skewers in the shape of a Vel.  Below are some examples of sacrificial acts being performed/ offered to Lord Murugaa by his devotees.

kavadi-small Small Kavadi

medium-kavadi Medium sized Kavadi

big-kavadi Big Kavadi

sacrificial-reasons  images-1  Other examples of sacrificial offerings.

Sooooooooo….. We have reached the end of the blog post and the time has come where I bid my farewells. If you are interested in getting more information about Thaipusam, here are several keywords that might help:

Thaipusam Malaysia

Origins of Thaipusam

Lord Muruga festival

Happy Thaipusam, Happy Holidays.

Signing out,


Chinese New Year Celebrations @ Malaysia

Chinese New Year in Malaysia is an important and auspicious celebration for the Chinese community in this country. Chinese New Year usually generally means more red paper packets containing money. WOOO-HOOO!! They are more familiarly known as ‘ Ang Paw ‘. This has been a tradition which has been practised for many years. I’ve been lucky enough collect several since I was a kid. Below are examples of the Ang Paw’s given out by elders to either children, or adults who aren’t married. red-envelope-chinese-new-year.jpg

Besides that, Chinese New Year is also the time the animals of the Zodiac calendar come out to play. Every year the animal changes. If you live in an Asian country with the presence of Chinese, you would understand better. The Zodiac calendar consist of animals like the Rooster, Ox, Rat, Tiger,Rabbit, Dragon, Sheep, Monkey, Horse, Dog and Pig. 2017 happens to be the year of the Rooster, the year 1993, my birth year happens to fall during the Rooster period on the Zodiac. In other words, THIS MY YEAR. LOL. Chinese New Year is also famously known for their ” Yee Sang ” , Mandarin Oranges as well as lanterns. Yee Sang is a type of combination of food that are tossed and mixed by several family members at a reunion dinner. Below is an image of Yee Sang before it gets tossed around. Each ingredient represents a different aspect such as unity, prosperity, heath, wellness etc.


Another plus point that benefits us Malaysians are the holidays that follow. Chinese New Year usually rakes in a weeks break for those in educational hubs. As for those working, the roads are free and eased off from traffic which is GREATTTTTTTT. Traffic conditions in Malaysia are terrible especially around the main city centres. Holidays naturally means the kids are relieved from school, parents will be busy attending to their children during the holidays, hence the amount of vehicles on the road decrease.

Now that the holidays have ended, the road conditions are back to normal.BUMPER TO BUMPER traffic is the main and only view for those travelling in and out city centres. the peak hours are becoming worse as there are more and more vehicles on the road these days. The holiday period has come to an end. Schools are back in order as well.

Happy Chinese New Year

Signing Out,